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nami fights one piece

Nami was probably learning more about the weather during the timeskip and I doubt she had someone to train in combat on Weatheria. ナミ She is capable of formulating advanced equations in mere minutes to predict a precise course of action, although she usually needs to write the equations down on a physical medium when formulating them. After stopping Wanda in her tracks and overpowering her, Nami then managed to pin her to the ground. Although she mostly handles the financial negotiations, she also able to negotiate in other aspects especially when the Straw Hats do not have much to bargain with, such as making some relationship with others and also keeping the Straw Hats cool during negotiations. \"Cat Burglar\" Nami[6] is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, because she was usually outmatched by the monstrous foes that they met at sea, she typically relied on her crew-mates to fight in her place. July 3rd[13][12][14] Nami also survived breathing in the toxins from the Daft Green plant, which is so poisonous it can kill quickly if inhaled repeatedly. From the East Blue to the New World, anything related to the world of One Piece belongs here! [35] The Clima-Tact can now grow or decrease in length when different amounts of pressure are applied, and is easier to twirl and use. Press J to jump to the feed. But they will of course fight some big baddies too I hope! New version 1.7 of the most exhaustive fighting game about One Piece, adding the two new characters: Brook the musician skeleton and Ener, the former "God" of Skypiea. Yo, it may be bad, but it's still better than Naruto. It also seems to leave patterns in the air when it is used, overall giving it the feel of a magic wand of sorts. and it shows off the different fighting styles, and i mean more than just the weapons and skills they use. it's stuff like this that i love and want to see more of. Anime pre-timeskip Initially, she went back to charging money to perform this service,[20] but after Luffy disastrously chooses to cook for the crew in order to avoid paying her most of his allowance, she has agreed to cook free of charge, she was able to cook a delicious fish by following one of Sanji's recipes left behind in the Thousand Sunny. With 34 arcs and not one dropping the ball there's no wonder this series has been at the top of the charts so long. Luffy costume was the first indication to not take this… Info. Chapter 844 is titled "Luffy vs. Sanji". Nami also tends to act as the crew's de facto treasurer, managing the crew's money and allocating spending money whenever they arrive at a new location. It could be assumed that after the timeskip her navigation skills have greatly improved due to her study of the New World climate with the help of Haredas, as even Caribou immediately recognized and praised her skills as a navigator during their descent to Fish-Man Island. Her safety is a frequent cause of his own injuries. Oda wouldn't just leave them be to fight only the small fry. Nami defeats Big Mom army and saves Luffy - One Piece 810. Romanized Name: Why should half of the Straw hats pirates be useless when it comes to 1-on-1 fights ? At least she had a fight. I think now with the SH crew being in New World the weaker members of the group, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Brook. They better not become useless they're all monsters in strength or skill. Nami in One Piece: Unlimited Adventure. She managed to survive a headbutt from Ulti (someone who was able to hurt Luffy while he was using Haki to defend himself) although Nami noted that another would kill her. As a result of this, one of the biggest benefits is that Nami is usually able to manipulate people and obtain more information on her own than what the other members of the crew would be able to gain and depending on the situation, she is able to achieve great things with this skill. Being the assigned navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is responsible for evaluating the direction that the ship goes as they sail further into the sea. we've seen her in combat since then, she's way better, she just hasn't had a real showdown yet. Though infrequent, Nami has a couple of other moves that she can use to incapacitate (in more ways than one) her opponents. on the crew and in battle. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. usopp comes close, but i don't see him as the same kind of planner nami is, he's reactionary and uses his bag of tricks to confuse and overwhelm his opponents. Chopper has also been added as an assistant. I mean, one of the first islands some crews go to is a place where it rains lightning. At the stand-off between Neptune's soldiers with Usopp and Brook, she wielded the upgraded version of the Clima-Tact with the disappearance of the balls, which she now calls the Sorcery Clima-Tact. Nami was also shown to possess great skill with a bo staff which she would often use for self-defense before acquiring the Clima-Tact. Nami deeply loved her adoptive mother Bell-mère as a child and would even pick the tangerines while still green just to please her and she even picked up a few of Belle-mere's personality quirks (like flirtation and comic aggression). Alison Lestor (Episodes 1–52); Chio Su-Ping (Episodes 53–67); Cindy Creekmore (Episodes 68+) )[6] Nami's fighting style focuses mainly on using the Clima-Tact to manipulate the weather of her surroundings, also known as the "Art of Weather". [19] She is the adoptive sister of Nojiko after the two were orphaned and taken in by Bell-mère. She now uses this skill to steal from other pirates, and occasionally government employees, more often than not sneaking aboard their ship or base and taking all their valuables while they are distracted by some fight. Nami This weapon was also powerful enough to allow her to wipe out hordes of Marines (Thunderbolt Tempo) successively and defeat CP9's Kalifa (Thunder Lance Tempo). Luffy tries to chase down the Yetti Cool Brothers, but Franky – still trapped in Chopper’s Body – makes his mission extremely difficult. Nami fight solo Naruto - Game one pieceIf you like stickman games like me, please play with me. Will be reduced to mostly fighting grunts and doing other things for the crew. Affiliations: There was still a flaw in its use, however, as Nami was unable to properly control the lightning and her allies would sometimes sustain collateral damage. Nami has also supported Luffy in an 11-hour fight with Charlotte Cracker, one of the top members of the Big Mom pirates, which shows that she has high levels of endurance. “I Want to Live!” - Robin’s Cry For Help (Episode 274) This moment is the pay off that we had been … Just when all appears lost, an unexpected ally lends a hand! Her skill at thievery has even been recognized by the World Government and has earned her the epithet "Cat Burglar". Dressrosa Saga: Luffy Vs Doflamingo. Franky has only had one 1v1 fight in Enies Loby. Nami (2P) in Fighting for One Piece. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. sure she's been involved in fights, but it's always either grunts, or another straw hat steps in and takes over. In addition to the latter, she also managed to convince Haredas to teach her more about the Weather Balls and the changing climates and weather patterns of the New World during her two years of training, despite the fact that she had previously taken him hostage in order to get off Weatheria. This is the land of the giants. This is why I have a hard time putting Robin over Chopper on the SH tier list... Yea she's really good at taking out random small bad guys (like Nami and Usopp) but I just can't see her doing better than Chopper in a 1v1 against someone tough. The fight against Luffy Shadow Oz during the Thriller Bark arc is the favorite fight for many longtime fans of One Piece It's the first time we see Franky fight officially as part of the crew and 100-Shadow Luffy is a delight to see. Nami in One Piece: Unlimited Cruise. Especially since Robin met and probably trained with Dragon just like manga only Spoiler we can expect she should be at least twice as good fighter as she was during Alabasta arc. Watch One Piece - Season 13, Episode 590 - Save Nami! Theory. Nami in One Piece: Gear Spirit. The perfect Nami Fight OnePiece Animated GIF for your conversation. After the Skypeia Arc, Usopp improved the Clima-Tact with Dials, creating the Perfect Clima-Tact. Submit it to us here! Cat Burglar (泥棒猫, Dorobō Neko? It is unknown how Nami utilizes the abilities of her new Clima-tact as she rarely spins or shakes her weapon to achieve the desired effects, usually achieving her goal after some verbal queue which names the attack. After the timeskip, her abilities are greatly enhanced, being able to easily destroy a bar and a submarine (and harm the occupants of both) with lightning blasts that can be compared to an attack by Enel. Her skills at manipulating the weather have increased to such a point that it appears like she is using magic or ninjutsu, but she herself stated that it is simply chemistry. Japanese VA: Close. So I think Oda will give them some fights, but more than likely it wont be 1v1's anymore for the likes of Usopp, Nami, chopper and possibly Brook. X[9] Same with Usopp. Nami Alias: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Nami wielding her Sorcery Clima-Tact after the timeskip. Nami is also physically very strong and fit, and when she is extremely enraged especially from Luffy's reckless spendthrifting, she can pack extremely powerful punches to give vicious beatings, that can cause Luffy who has a tremendously tough durability to have brutal and bloody bruises. Anime Spoiler But that's really it. She still has limitations however, as when Sanji was trying to outrun Smiley's gas he noted her body could not keep up with the pace of Zoro, Brook, and Kin'emon for long, until he groped her breasts and got a speed boost from over-excitement. Arlong considered her skills on par with the fish-men "superiority" since they were superior to any fish-man's. She later talked King Baum into helping the Sanji Retrieval Team escape from the Big Mom Pirates after the wedding. Chapter 8; Episode 1[1] ... wand and Nami’s new Sorcery Clima Tact resembles a magic wand bellamys mention of the emerald city along with one piece and the lost city of gold makes it even likely that we will see the emerald city and and it … Nami also tends to act as the crew's de factotreasurer, managing the crew's money and allocating spending money whenever they arrive at a new location. She is the third member of the crew and the second to join, doing so during the Orange Town Arc. This attribute proved useful during Nami's one-on-one altercation with Enel, where she managed to deflect several of the Goro Goro no Mi user's lightning-based attacks using only "Thunder Balls" from her first Clima-Tact. Age: Luci Christian. Nami was also shown to possess increased superhuman leg strength while on Punk Hazard, as Sanji managed to defeat a group of Caesar Clown's subordinates with great ease while inside Nami's body, utilizing the same kick-based fighting style he usually employs. Blood Type: Copy link. This item: One Piece Anime Throw Blanket - Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Nami and Crews Ready to Fight $28.58 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Kerry Williams ↑ One Piece Manga and Anime — Vol. But they will of course fight some big baddies too I hope! all use a lot of brute force and monster strength, but nami on the other hand has a distinct runaway style and the entire fight it looks like she's getting beat pretty bad, bat in actuality, she's studying the opponent's moves and weaknesses, and setting up the final blow that wins her the match. Status: i love watching usopp's battles and tricks when he's serious, like on thriller bark! Alive Nami (Japanese: ナミ, Japanese: ) is a fictional character in the One Piece franchise created by Eiichiro Oda.She is based on Ann and Silk, two characters from Oda's previous manga Romance Dawn.She is introduced as a thief and pickpocket who possesses cartographical, meteorological and navigational skills. robin is great, but it doesn't bother me that she takes on the grunts, because it's fun to watch. Robin also has AoE type attacks where she can target many enemies at once, plus she has reconnaissance abilities and a high intelligence. Being the assigned navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, Nami is responsible for evaluating the direction that the ship goes as they sail further into the sea. Most notably, Nami seems to have much more freedom in her control of the phenomena she produces as she was able to direct lightning like a projectile in order to hone in on Baby 5 and Buffalo in the sky, as well as move a thundercloud over the guys who were attempting to peep on her while she bathed, and electrocute them, almost cognitively. 293Comment down below what scenes I should post. Introduction • Gallery • Personality and Relationships • Abilities and Powers • History • Misc. Posted by 1 year ago. She first gained the ability to manipulate the weather when Usopp gave her the Clima-Tact. Usopp fights Ulti and is about to melt her when Page One saves Ulti. The Pirate Ganzack, If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Nami is a very convincing person, so much so that she has shown herself to be quite the negotiator in her own right. Birthday: ENTERTAINMENT 'One Piece' chapter 837 spoilers, news: Luffy versus Cracker; Nami fights Brulee to free Chopper and Carrot 66,000,000[17]16,000,000[18] She also used Zeus' gluttony for her lightning clouds as a bargaining chip to make Zeus become her servant and later took advantage of his attribute as a cloud to force him to discharge massive amounts of lightning at Big Mom herself twice. Ep. Debut: Nami (1P) in Fighting for One Piece. Yonkous, Shichibukai dwell here. This new Clima-Tact has also been proven to not only be useful for battle situations, but regular daily uses as well, such as taking showers (Shower Tempo) and making paths for travel with sea clouds (Milky Road). Akemi Okamura (Episode 1–69, 79+), Wakana Yamazaki (Episode 70–78), Megumi Toyoguchi (OVA) 4Kids English VA: She also demanded 1,000,000,000 from Vivi for their co-operating on Whisky Peak, but later decided to give up on it for the sake of friendship between her and Vivi after the Arabasta Civil War ended. More recently, she used her Vivre Card to force the homies in the Seducing Woods to help and protect herself and Luffy against Cracker. Share. The final fight against Doflamingo was the first post-timeskip … [26], Nami is a highly skilled navigator and a extremely talented cartographer. After being further upgraded due to Usopp's Pop Greens and Franky's genius, Nami's new Sorcery Clima-Tact[33] is now the "culmination of all of Weatheria's weather science,[34] and has been described by Usopp as being "this century's greatest" something. Besides Sanji, the crew's trained chef, Nami is also the only crew member known to possess even basic cooking knowledge (likely learned from Bell-mère). [21], Nami possesses a strong enough will to be able to withstand a burst of Big Mom's Haoshoku Haki.[22]. Where is my sweet Robin action. Sanji hates treating Nami roughly in any manner and is always gentle with her, this is another reason why Sanji fights with Zoro. But, in the leadup to Oz vs Luffy, we have the crew trying to … Despite her occasional annoyance at his antics, Nami does respect Sanji to some extent although she does not always show it. Her most notable thieving feat was shown just before she left her village. 1 Cover Page 2 Short Summary 3 Long Summary 4 Quick References 4.1 Chapter Notes 4.2 Characters 5 Arc Navigation Fan Request: "Sugar making grape jam with a pack of wolves". The latter is an achievement of its own as sea clouds were shown not to be produced in the Blue Sea.[32]. Apart from her navigational skills, Nami has also proven herself to be an excellent thief and a master pickpocket. it's great! Whitebeard and Ace become hidden characters. Same with Usopp. Nami battles a bathing beauty and her lethal bubbles. Manga post-timeskip If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. As seen at Water 7, she can be skillful in a financial negotiation as she skillfully negotiated with the bank staff in giving 300,000,000 for Skypiea's treasure instead of the initial offer of 100,000,000. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Several attacks have been adjusted to make the fights even more nervous and exciting. When Luffy destroyed her room at Arlong Park both bathymetric and geographic maps were seen, proves that Nami has a wide variety of cartographic skills.[27]. (Noda Skywalker from Osaka) Sanji continues claiming to disown Luffy and Nami, and he attacks the persistent Luffy, who does not fight back. After Big Mom reclaimed Zeus, she lost control of him. Not only she has been shown to continuously and accurately predict various normal weather conditions, but she is also capable of predicting and handling the almost unnatural, unpredictable, and inexplicable weather conditions of the Grand Line, being more than capable in navigating through these conditions. I am pretty sure that Robin hasn't had a real one on on fight yet. Brook hasn't gotten much in the way of a 1v1 fight either. [24] Still stuck in her body, Sanji also demonstrated the ability to use "Blue Walk", an ability developed from mimicking the superhuman Geppo of CP-9, without damaging the muscles in her legs and even under heavy conditions like the freezing depths of a chilling water deep enough to sustain sharks. Straw Hat Pirates; Straw Hat Grand Fleet; Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance; Arlong Pirates[2] (defected); Ganzack Pirates (movie, former); Golden Lion Pirates (movie, former)[3] She has a supernatural ability to sense changes in the weather, "with her body" according to Vivi, and can even predict the emergence of supposedly unpredictable cyclones in the Grand Line, undeterred even by a high fever. Nami's portrait in One Piece: Gigant Battle!. It's not even her role to fight, she's a navigator. 9. And this fight … Big pirate names are here. Nami in Battle Stadium D.O.N. She has shown to be able to negotiate on behalf of most of the Straw Hats, although most of the negotiations are charged with financials or anything else that would be for her own benefits. THE LAST REAL 1-ON-1 FIGHT SHE HAD WAS AT ENIES LOBBY! Famed as Kuma the Tyrant, Bartholomew Kuma is a member of the Revolutionary Army who infiltrated the World Government,… Robin can be, but she doesn't have to be; she could realistically spawn fingers on someone's face and gouge their eyes out, but it isn't gonna happen. After capturing the thundercloud homie Zeus, Nami could use her Clima Tact to store Zeus inside. Residence: )[7]"O-Nami" (おナミ, Onami?, English version: "Onami")[8] While shopping, Nami tends to negotiate as seen during the Return to Sabaody Arc where Nami demanded a discount over the clothes that she attempted to buy at a fashion shop, much to the shopkeeper's chagrin. Ships from and sold by AnimeStuffStore. Luffy's Fight On the Snow-Capped Mountains! If you've just set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers on this subreddit! (This, however, is mainly a gag for comedy, and not representative of Nami's actual strength) While on Weatheria, Nami showed she was capable of running extremely quickly while carrying both a heavy bag much larger than herself and Haredas with great ease. The flaw with his invention, however, was that it was primarily for party tricks. She simply isn't a strong finisher. Welcome to r/OnePiece, the community for Eiichiro Oda's manga and anime series One Piece. i disagree! The Doctor of the Straw Hat Pirates, Chopper is a crucial member of the crew whose importance goes beyond just being a… However, with so many chapters comes a lot of outfits in One Piece's case as the main characters usually like to spice things up from arc to arc. Cocoyasi Village (former) Weatheria (former, temporary) Brook is a relatively weaker attacker with status effects, plain and simple. nami will fight catarina devon. Nami is more of a support than fighter. The One Piece manga started running in 1997 and since then it's stolen the hearts of readers and anime viewers everywhere. Nami survived long minutes before getting the cure. This ability, combined with her years of knowledge in cartography and navigation, has also made Nami an expert in meteorology. At the harbor, she stole numerous wallets from the villagers saying goodbye to her while she was running past them, and among the villagers and the Straw Hats, plus Johnny and Yosaku, no one noticed until she revealed what she had done.[28]. Height: The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet, From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc, One Piece - Defeat Him! Nami doesn't get enough one-on-one fights in One Piece, and that's a shame, because she's easily one of the most ingenious members of the crew. has anyone else noticed that it's been a ridiculously long time since we've seen Nami in an actual 1-on-1 fight? Odex English VA: Prior to Sanji joining the crew, Nami agreed to cook for a fee,[19] and in his absence, she reprises this role. Japanese Name: While all adventures must come to an end, it truly seemed like the Straw Hats' fun could go on forever. Nami hasn't had many one on one fights because Oda hasn't established boob based combat yet, Robin had her last actual fight in Skypia (Hammond was just a fodder). The worst fight belongs to Luffy’s battle with the pirate Foxy. When she was fighting Kalifa, Nami withstood a Shigan from the assassin a technique that brought down Paulie, a strong foreman. [29] Regardless of this conflict, due to her expertise she was able to combine several of its functions in order to pull off dangerous and useful techniques, like creating a mirage of herself, (Mirage Tempo) in order to distract her opponent,[30] and a powerful lightning cloud (Thunderbolt Tempo), which was used on Miss Doublefinger[31] who thought she was a magician. well, they all have roles (not gender roles!) Bounty: Cookies help us deliver our Services. Franky has ha a bunch of fights, including at gishman island man... Brook too and usopp. Nami has strong memory when it comes to finances since she is mainly handling the Straw Hats' financials due to her fondness of money. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. Nami also appears to have great skill with ropes, being able to tie up and capture Luffy from behind. I think Nami is more of an AoE character that can affect swathes of opponents with her weather, or give positive effects to her team. Anime post-timeskip Nami, Ulti, Page One and Usopp continue to fight, with Nami knocked to the ground and covered with blood. When the Straw Hats arrived at Gyoncorde Plaza, Nami's "Mirage Tempo" was shown to have improved to the point of making herself appear completely invisible, and she was also able to shoot a powerful gust of wind she named Gust Sword to easily dispatch a fish-man. Occupations: Official English Name: Nami in One Piece: Pirates Carnival. Anime Spoiler. Prior to Sanji joining the crew, Nami agreed to cook f… The One Piece manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by Eiichiro Oda.The series takes place in a fictional universe where vast numbers of pirates, soldiers, revolutionaries, and other adventurers fight each other, using various superhuman and supernatural abilities. Funi English VA: Fans have dreaded the day that One Piece ends for years. Besides Usopp, she's the only person who has no natural power ups or any training as a child. Statistics i think everyone should take on people 1-on-1 AT LEAST every now and then. Besides Sanji, the crew's trained chef, Nami is also the only crew member known to possess even basic cooking knowledge (likely learned from Bell-mère). [25], Nami has also shown her already exceptional agility has greatly improved from two years of training as she was able to swiftly dodge Wanda's attack by somersaulting with great ease. I think now with the SH crew being in New World the weaker members of the group, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Brook. Tap to unmute. Anime Spoiler. But even Usopp now has observation haki and those plant slingshot things. Besides this, Nami's fights may be boring to you because they're not that action packed. Watch later. Nami Watch this One Piece video, Nami vs Kalifa Full fight, on Fanpop and browse other One Piece videos. After the two years of extensive training on Weatheria, Nami's physical abilities have vastly improved along with her fighting skills with the Clima-Tact, now capable of handling tougher opponents on her own. Most notably, Nami's dexterous skill with the staff was shown when she reacted to a weakened Wanda's attack before Sanji and Brook were able to save Nami from having to defend herself. They have other roles to play in the crew. Brook hasn't gotten much in the way of a 1v1 fight either. Will be reduced to mostly fighting grunts and doing other things for the crew. Which when combined with her immense knowledge of meteorology and weather systems, can be used for devastating results. When necessary, she could use Zeus supplemented with her Clima Tact abilities to perform destructive lightning attacks. luffy, sanji, zoro, etc. Top 10 One Piece Fights ScenesSubscribe: // Have a Top 10 idea? She can now use and create weather in more creative ways, like launching an egg which hatches to release a large thundercloud that she can then take control of in order to strike down her opponent(s), which she calls "Thunder Breed Tempo", and creating an orb at the end of one of the three segments of her Clima-Tact which possesses enough heat to melt snow and harm a snow woman like Monet (Heat Egg). Ironically enough, the only Weatherian device that Usopp failed to implement into the upgraded Clima-Tact was a "magic wand" that he didn't quite understand.[34]. 18 (debut)[10] 20 (after timeskip)[11][12] An example of this is seen when she has gained significantly high amount of superhuman strength able to easily deflect a sneak attack from a fish-man, who possess ten times the strength of a regular human. However, they are clearly reaching the end of the line with Kaido being one of the few auxiliary villains before the Straw Hats reach their final clash.

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